T-Bone, ‘Wipe your tears’

Wipe your Tears

Verse 1

I know this world got ya feeling down, bound by the problems and troubles of life, full of
strife, pain and misery, looking for true peace love and happiness that you can’t find in
drugs, sex or hennissey, but come along with me, if ya wanna hear about the one that
healed the sick and made the blind see, the one who turned water to wine and multiplied
the loaves and the fishes, healed the lady with the issue of blood and cured leppersey, cuz
even when your friends aint there and you be feeling like nobody cares Gods still there,
ready to cast all your burdens away, let him in your heart this very day, and I pray thet
every lyric I spit would penitrate to the very depths of your soul, and I’m gonna let the whole
world know that he can make your sins white as snow, now let me bust en espanol, para
mexicano, o cubano, panameno, colombiano, argentino, chilleno, nicoya, puerto riceno, lo
que yo te enseno es algo que me ensellaron de pecenllo, wit this instrumental I’m gonna
make you get sentemental, cause I be knowing that your felling what I’m talking bout,
make ya wanna shout, shout let it all out, like tears for fears I’m trying to reach my peers
and the thugs, playas in the clubs and my patnas slanging drugs, duckin em slugs,
looking for love in a messed up world thats cold like a freezer, that’s why untill the day I die
I’m gonna preach the word of God like the man of God they call peter, mira, hourita, you
might be going through a thing or two, but know that jesus still loves you, so it’s all good
playa, wipe your eyes, cuz Jesus said that everything is gonna be alright, now come on


Problems, troubles, trials and storms will come your way, Jesus offers love and wants to
wipe your tears away (2x)


Cuz’ even when it seems like nobody really cares, Jesus is there, and He hears your
prayers, and He hears your prayers, don’t cry, the Lord replies, ” I wanna wipe the tears
from your lonely eyes, its gonna be alright tonight, you might be going through some
things, but joy comes in the morning time, and I pray that through this rhyme I’m touching
your mind, body, and soul, let Him take control, and I know that if you trust in God, leave
your problems in His hands, then everything gonna be alright.

Verse 2

Your crying in the night cuz ya lonely, praying to the Lord above please hold me,
somebody told me, that when I’m feeling brokenhearted, sad and lost in the valley youre
the one to console me, slowly ease the pain that I be feeling deep within, free me from this
life of sin, cuz I’m tired of all the banging, drug slanging and playing with the girls, smoking
weed and sippin on the gin, I need a real friend who wont leave me nor forsake, even if the
whole world hates me, who makes me feel like I’m somebody special for once in my life,
when all my foes wanna lie and playa hate me, I seen so much drama throughout my life,
so many of my peers died and I wonder why I never got to say goodbye, look to the sky
and pray the Lord hears my cry, they say that you can set me free, take away this pain
and misery, and deliver me from the hands of the enemy, all because of the blood that you
shed up on calvary, you gave me the gift of eternal life, and now I finally see, that youre the
answer to all my needs, so I’m down on my knees begging Lord please forgive me, from
this day foward I promise to follow whereever you lead, wipe my tears Lord.

알아듣기 참 힘들다.. ㅋㅋ
Gospel Rap 쪽으로 실력 좋은 T-Bone 이다.. 우리 부대 랩하던 모상수군도 감탄하던..

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