Life Testimony by Elder Sangam K.C. Nepal

My name is Sangam K.C. I was born in october 17th 1970 at Jawalakhel Lahtpur. I was grown in Hindu religion. My father was a goverment officer. He is well educated person, so that I get well education through my parents. In the begging of my school life, I have never knows about christionity. When I finished myhigh school, I was prepating for joining to the college. At that time I felt sick till three months. I was addmited to the hospital. All the doctor’s and medical helpers, they don’t know that kind of illness I have, They could not found about my sickness. After three months I was discharged from hospital. But my mentality is not so good. Although after five months I was able to joining college. Some doctors feel that I never be a healthy man. Because they could not found my illness. In the first day of my college. I was so glad to be student of college. Every morning I go to college and prising my family God. One day my class friend asking me personnelly. Do you have peace in your heart? Do you get Salvation? Really, I was surprising with him. But one day I was thinking about myself. Who I am? Why shoule the human being die. Why human being and animals cannot live forever. It touched my heart.
Every day and night I was seriously thinking about my personnel life. There is no peace in my heart. In the reason of my illness, my neighbourhood feeling that I never reover from my illness. One day I was sharing about my miserable life with my friend who is asking me before do you have peace? Then he was explaining about Lord Jesus Christ. Why he came to this world. Why all the human being was sinner. How can they redeem from sin. Why we need to believe in Jesus as a personnel saviour. Why Jesus Christ died on the cross? He is continually sharing the gospel from the holy bible. He was praying for my life. Day by day I was reading the bible with him. There is something happening in my life. When I was reading bible I feel that I get enjoy and happiness in my life. I made crazy to reading bible. One Sunny day first time I went to the church with my friend. That day is blessing day for me. Because Jesus ws looking forward me and invite me in his kingdom. In 1988 I accepted Jesus as my personnel Saviout and Lord. In 1991 march 4th I get baptized in the name of trinity God.(The father God, holy spirit God, and son God) then my mental problem is gone away. I feel, I get well and healthy. Day by day my  new christian life is growing on. Really something was changing in my life. my fault is increasing. Almighty God is blessing me to follow him. When I made decision to follow christ, I was bearing many suffer and difficulties situation. But I was standing on my fault. And always trust in God. It is my daily habbit to reading bible.
In 1992, June 21st I get marriage with young and beautiful christian lady at church. She is a daughter of pastor. Then Jesus blessing me. He gave me two beautiful kids. Now I am very happy. to be serbving God. In the church side, I am serving Gos as and Elder past. When I was commited my life to Jesus, all the illness and weakness is gone away. Jesus heeling me through his mighty power. Now I made great decision, That is I am always follow him and serving him in the end of my life. Amen.

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