1NC, ‘nobody’

이제는 나온지 꽤된 앨범인데
Kirk franklin – 1NC 의 nobody 라는 곡이다.
처음들을 때는 뭔가 나올듯말듯나올듯말듯하다 싱겁게 끝나는 느낌의 곡이었는데
이 곡이 생각보다 중독성이 심하다.. 귀에서 웽웽거리곤 한다^^

People talk about the way I
Dance dance dance
They think its funny when I
lift my hands hands hands
All the things i been going through
I’m tellin you if ya only knew
This joy is real
Something you can feel
All my heartaches and my heartbreaks I thought I couldn’t take you were there
Holdin me and moldin me
Remindin me that you care
You’re on time never comin at the wrong time always there and that’s a long time
I’m not ashamed
I can’t help but want to praise your name

No matter what the people may say
You can praise him anyway
You may have to cry sometimes
But he promised it will be alright
My brother if you just hold on
All this pain it will soon be gone
CAn’t nobody, nobody, nobody
Do me like you do me
Nobody Nobody

Tia Doro Jese
(I worship you Jesus)

Verse 2:
Can’t nobody love me like you
Give me joy like the way you do
When I’m alone and my faith’s gone
I heard be strong I knew it was you
A spiritual love affair
Knows how much I can bear
Can’t nobody, nobody (nobody)
Nobody (nobody) nobody (nobody)


Pienso en ti
(when I think of you father)
Y mi corazon se llena de elegria
(my heart is filled with joy)
No se pueden medir tus bendiciones
(you have blessed me beyond measure)

Nobody no
Nobody no

Rap(Kirk Franklin):
What the deal now
Holy Spirit you can feel now
CAts that want to keep it real now
But love is spiritual
I’m givin you knowledge because
Its critical and lyrical
you know I’m on your heels now
I won’t stop can’t stop
Cause you know his grace and mercy it’ll never drop
Who flop? (not me)
To metropolis ain’t no stoppin’ this
Ain’t no poppin this
And all my ghetto children who be rockin this


T-Bone, ‘Wipe your tears’

Wipe your Tears

Verse 1

I know this world got ya feeling down, bound by the problems and troubles of life, full of
strife, pain and misery, looking for true peace love and happiness that you can’t find in
drugs, sex or hennissey, but come along with me, if ya wanna hear about the one that
healed the sick and made the blind see, the one who turned water to wine and multiplied
the loaves and the fishes, healed the lady with the issue of blood and cured leppersey, cuz
even when your friends aint there and you be feeling like nobody cares Gods still there,
ready to cast all your burdens away, let him in your heart this very day, and I pray thet
every lyric I spit would penitrate to the very depths of your soul, and I’m gonna let the whole
world know that he can make your sins white as snow, now let me bust en espanol, para
mexicano, o cubano, panameno, colombiano, argentino, chilleno, nicoya, puerto riceno, lo
que yo te enseno es algo que me ensellaron de pecenllo, wit this instrumental I’m gonna
make you get sentemental, cause I be knowing that your felling what I’m talking bout,
make ya wanna shout, shout let it all out, like tears for fears I’m trying to reach my peers
and the thugs, playas in the clubs and my patnas slanging drugs, duckin em slugs,
looking for love in a messed up world thats cold like a freezer, that’s why untill the day I die
I’m gonna preach the word of God like the man of God they call peter, mira, hourita, you
might be going through a thing or two, but know that jesus still loves you, so it’s all good
playa, wipe your eyes, cuz Jesus said that everything is gonna be alright, now come on


Problems, troubles, trials and storms will come your way, Jesus offers love and wants to
wipe your tears away (2x)


Cuz’ even when it seems like nobody really cares, Jesus is there, and He hears your
prayers, and He hears your prayers, don’t cry, the Lord replies, ” I wanna wipe the tears
from your lonely eyes, its gonna be alright tonight, you might be going through some
things, but joy comes in the morning time, and I pray that through this rhyme I’m touching
your mind, body, and soul, let Him take control, and I know that if you trust in God, leave
your problems in His hands, then everything gonna be alright.

Verse 2

Your crying in the night cuz ya lonely, praying to the Lord above please hold me,
somebody told me, that when I’m feeling brokenhearted, sad and lost in the valley youre
the one to console me, slowly ease the pain that I be feeling deep within, free me from this
life of sin, cuz I’m tired of all the banging, drug slanging and playing with the girls, smoking
weed and sippin on the gin, I need a real friend who wont leave me nor forsake, even if the
whole world hates me, who makes me feel like I’m somebody special for once in my life,
when all my foes wanna lie and playa hate me, I seen so much drama throughout my life,
so many of my peers died and I wonder why I never got to say goodbye, look to the sky
and pray the Lord hears my cry, they say that you can set me free, take away this pain
and misery, and deliver me from the hands of the enemy, all because of the blood that you
shed up on calvary, you gave me the gift of eternal life, and now I finally see, that youre the
answer to all my needs, so I’m down on my knees begging Lord please forgive me, from
this day foward I promise to follow whereever you lead, wipe my tears Lord.

알아듣기 참 힘들다.. ㅋㅋ
Gospel Rap 쪽으로 실력 좋은 T-Bone 이다.. 우리 부대 랩하던 모상수군도 감탄하던..

Yolanda Adams, ‘Open My Heart’

욜란다 아담스의 노래를 하나더 올리려다가
마침 뮤직비디오를 구해서 올려놓는다.
노래 참 끈적끈적하고 맛깔나게..

Verse 1
Alone in a room
It’s just me and you
I feel so lost
‘Cause I don’t know what to do
Now what if choose the wrong thing to do
I’m so afraid, afraid of disappointing you

So I need to talk to you
And ask you for your guidance
Especially today
When my life is so cloudy
Guide me until I’m sure
I open up my heart

Verse 2
My hopes and dreams
Are fading fast
I’m all burned out
And I don’t think my strenghts gonna last
So I’m crying out
Crying out to you
Lord I know that you’re the only one
Who is able to pull me through

So I need to talk to you
And ask you for your guidance
Especially today
When my life is so cloudy
Guide me until I’m sure
I open up my heart

So show me how
To do things your way
Don’t let me make the same mistakes
Over and over again
Your will be done
And I’ll be the one
To make sure the it’s carried out
And in me, I don’t want any doubt
That’s why…

I need to talk to you
And ask you for your guidance
Especially today
When my life is a little bt cloudy
Guide me until I’m sure
I open up my heart

Chorus 2
All I need to do
Is hear a single word from you
I open up my heart
Just one word could make
A difference in what I do Lord
I open my heart to you

You’re the lover of my soul
Captain of my sea
I need a word from you
That’s why I open up my heart

Fred Hammond, ‘No weapon’

너를 치려고 만들어진 어떤 무기도 너를 해치지 못할 것이라.

하나님께서는 자신이 하고자 말씀하신 바대로 행하십니다, 그 말씀대로 끝까지 이루실 것입니다.

하나님께서는 자신이 하고자 말씀하신 바대로 행하십니다. 그는 사람이 아니므로 거짓이 없습니다.
끝까지 이루어내십니다.

우리를 대적하는 어떠한 것들에도 두려워하지 않겠다는 Fred Hammond의 고백이다.
그리스도를 믿는 믿음안에 거하면, 우리를 정죄하는 그 어떤 송사에도 당당히 설 수 있다.

no weapon formed against me shall prosper it won’t work(X3)

(verse 1)
God will do what he said he would do,
he will stand by his word
and he will come through, (yeah)(X2)


(verse 2)
God will do what he said he would do,
he’s not man that  he should lie(know by his word)
he will come through.  say

(verse 1)

oh i won’t be afraid of the arrows by day from
the hand of my enemy
i can stand my ground with the Lord on my side
for the snares they have set will not succeed! hey


(verse 1)


don’t be afraid of the arrows
or the snares set by your enemies
if you believe it say, Ooo yeah.

there just ain’t one(there just ain’t one)(X2)
although they’ve set a snare to trap you i want you to know
it won’t work

Fred Hammond, ‘Please don’t pass me by’

Please Don’t Pass Me By – Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ

예수님께 자신의 병을 고쳐달라고 간절히 예수님을 불렀던 한 소경이 바로 자신의 이야기라고 고백하고 있습니다. 감동적인 내용…

눅 18:35-43 이야기를 배경으로 한 듯 합니다. 같이 보시면 느낌이 올 듯..

여리고에 가까이 오실 때에 한 소경이 길 가에 앉아 구걸하다가
무리의 지남을 듣고 이 무슨 일이냐고 물은대
저희가 나사렛 예수께서 지나신다 하니
소경이 외쳐 가로되 다윗의 자손 예수여 나를 불쌍히 여기소서 하거늘
앞서 가는 자들이 저를 꾸짖어 잠잠하라 하되
저가 더욱 심히 소리질러 다윗의 자손이여 나를 불쌍히 여기소서 하는지라
예수께서 머물러 서서 명하여 데려오라 하셨더니 저가 가까이 오매 물어 가라사대
네게 무엇을 하여 주기를 원하느냐
가로되 주여 보기를 원하나이다
예수께서 저에게 이르시되 보아라 네 믿음이 너를 구원하였느니라 하시니
곧 보게 되어 하나님께 영광을 돌리며 예수를 좇으니 백성이 다 이를 보고 하나님을 찬양하니라

(verse 1)
there was a blind man on the roadside
and he heard a commotion, yeah
it was jesus passing by with a crowd
and it stirred his emotion
he’d been displaced his whole life
should he even try

(channel A)
Don’t bother jesus
they said
you have nothing to offer
stay in your place
right then he knew he had to choose
he had nothing to lose
so he cried

jesus I need you
please don’t pass me by
jesus I’m not ashamed to tell you
I need you in my life

(verse 2)
I’m not much different from that man
and this is the honest truth
could this simple one
with this messed up life
could i ever serve you?
people and things clutter my mind
should i even try?

(channel B)
don’t bother jesus
that’s what they say
you have nothing to offer
stay in your place
i must admit
i need you in my life


as the deer panteth
thirsty for the water
my soul desires and longs
to be with you,yeah
jesus i need you
please don’t pass me by

i don’t mean to waste your time
but i can’t listen to the crowd
situations in my life
telling me to keep it down
but i need you

i know i’m broken
but you can heal me
jeasus, jesus, i’m calling you
might not be worth much
but i’m still willing
jesus,jesus i’m calling you